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Jessie Gurunathan on “The Almighty Johnsons” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Jessie Gurunathan on The Almighty Johnsons

(11:00 PM EST, Syfy)

We’re always paying attention to the Friday night lineup on Syfy here at See Her Tonight–and especially when a show like The Almighty Johnsons changes its time slot to later in the evening. After all, Lost Girl quickly got pulled back a few hours after home viewers discovered the sexual antics of stars like Anna Silk, Zoie Palmer, Emmanuelle VaugierMia Kirshner,  Ali Liebert, and Rachel Skarsten.

In the case of The Almighty Johnsons, though, we’re thinking that low ratings have really set this New Zealand production back later in the evening. We’ve sure tried to get invested in the show, but we’re a little overwhelmed by its weird depiction of slumming Norse gods who seem more like backwoods yokels. At least the running plot involves assorted ladies trying to interfere with the Johnson brothers regaining all of their powers–which bring us to Jessie Guranathan guesting on tonight’s episode.

The Almighty Johnsons hasn’t really brought that many hot babes onto the show, but Jessie Gurunathan makes a good case for the local New Zealand talent. There’s also a chance that we’ll keep seeing her breaking out into America, too. We doubt that the Johnsons will do much for her career, but Jessie is also hot aspiring pop singer, and she’s hit Los Angeles before to check out the scene.

Now let’s hope that Hollywood tunes in tonight–and we’re happy to post some pics, if that’ll help. And if Jessie’s name sounds familiar–well, that’s because she got some international attention a few years ago for hooking up with Reanin Johannink as The Asscam Girls, who you can learn more about here

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