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Houston Texas Cheerleaders Free Style Friday: Hitting the Gym [VIDEO]


Houston Texans Cheerleaders Freestyle Fridays Gym

Football season means the start of many yearly traditions–most of which involve items on the Hooters menu, but also include a few favorites like the Houston Texans Cheerleaders and their Freestyle Friday videos. Thankfully, the fine ladies of the NFL are getting an early start, too. They wrapped up last week wonderfully by doing a little shopping. This week, the official #BabesOnParade hit the gym to show off some very physically-fit moves.

Frankly, our visits to the gym are a lot less fun. The gals of the Houston Texans’ squad sure know how to work things out, though. They take an old-fashioned dance line and add all kinds of thrilling moves–from aerobics steps to swinging hand weights, and on to bouncing Gym Balls. Those are really an upgrade from the old heavy medicine balls that guys used to throw at each other’s guts back in the 1960s.

We’re also feeling mighty inspired by how much the Houston Texans’ finest are worked up for the coming season. They’re not just doing us all a service by getting us worked up for the weekend. These moves should also get any fan of any NFL team worked up, as these amazing ambassadors rush headlong into action. Take a look for yourself, and also check out their behind-the-scenes calendar pics

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