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Foo Fighters Hit The Road In “Sonic Highways” Trailer [VIDEO]


sonic highways

The Foo Fighters are one of those bands that never seem to be able to die. Even when it looks like they might break up, they just come back stronger. This time, they are not only coming back with an epic eighth studio album–but they also recorded the making of it with a new documentary series premiering October 17th on HBO.

Dave Grohl’s hard rock band will star in a new series that shares its¬†name with the¬†upcoming album Sonic Highways. He describes both as a “love letter to American music,” and their attempts to record the album reflects that sentiment well. This time, the band wrote and recorded eight tracks in eight different cities with deep roots in the American music scene including Chicago, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Washington D.C., Seattle, New York, Austin and Nashville. Each track and studio session reflects the influence that each city’s deep, rich musical tradition has had on popular music in America.

They also got a camera crew to follow them around as they toured the country to record their upcoming album set for release on Nov. 10th that features appearances and interviews with some notable names such as Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Pharrell Williams, Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen, The Eagles’ Joe Walsh and even President Barack Obama. HBO released an absolutely epic trailer previewing the new series and some of the tracks off of the band’s upcoming album…

This could very well become one of the most influential music documentaries in modern times. Who says that the music video is dead?

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