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Eva Green Is Shailene Woodley’s Mom In “White Bird” Trailer [VIDEO]


The movie is actually called White Bird in a Blizzard, and it looks to be cult director Gregg Araki’s best attempt yet at going mainstream–even if he is paying tribute to the giallo thriller movies that came out of 1970s Italy. We’re a little more baffled to see Eva Green playing Shailene Woodley’s mom. In real life, Eva is only 11 years older than Shailene–but since Eva is playing Shailene’s missing mom, it’s possible that we’re seeing flashback footage of Eva looking sexy as a suburban mother who might have sexy secrets.

We know that the movie is mostly about Shailene dealing with her mother’s disappearance just as her character is also dealing with her emerging sexuality. That’s a regular topic for Araki, who’s made a few shocking movies about sex-crazed teens. This one sure looks stylish and fun. (And, of course, we’ve gotten stylishly excited over Eva Green and Shailene Woodley as sex symbols.)

It’s also fun to realize how quickly we’re getting a reunion of Eva Green and Chris Meloni, who share some pretty shameless scenes in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. We’re hoping that those big names in the cast will get Araki’s latest out of the arthouses and into the muliplexes. Now check out why we’re getting revved up for this one…

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