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Lindsey Vonn on “Project Runway” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Lindsey Vonn on Project Runway

(10:00 PM EST, NBC)

We try to avoid being lazy here at the See Her Tonight column, so we don’t just write up Project Runway every Thursday night–although we’ve also made exceptions for the likes of Bar Rafaeli. We’re also making a commotion over tonight’s very special guest on Project Runway.

Lindsey Vonn isn’t just some fashion figure, after all. She’s won all kinds of World Cup races in pretty much all disciplines of alpine skiing, and is currently enjoying life as the reigning Olympic downhill gold medalist. She’s also built for modeling herself. Take a look at these pics and see why Lindsey would look perfectly natural skiing down a runway.

You might also get an idea of why Tiger Woods’ game is suffering lately. Lindsey is still his girlfriend, and a gal like that would throw us off our game, too…

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