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Kelli Tennant Gets Us Following Her To USC Football Coverage [PICS]


As summer comes to an end, plenty of sports fans are pondering what the next big move will be for their favorite players. Here at COED, we’re also watching out for the next big move from our favorite sportscasters–and Kelli Tennant has just given us some great news. She’s been busy covering the Los Angeles Dodgers, and now Kelli looks all set to start covering some USC football. In fact, here’s what she’s Twittered

Hey, we’re excited, too! Kelli Tennant is the kind of ace reporter who draws in both serious sports fans and a few male admirers–and is also happy to show off that she has some sporting ways herself. You can see some of that on display in the pics below, although Kelli most recently got a lot of attention for accidentally catching a soccer ball with her head while doing some live broadcasting. We’re going to stay caught up with Kelli as she moves on to covering the USC–and these pics will give you an idea of why we’re ranking her with talents like Vanessa Huppenkothen and Erin Andrews

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