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Katie Holmes Becomes a Badass in the “Miss Meadows” Trailer [VIDEO]


katie holmes

Katie Holmes has come a long way from the chirpy teenager on Dawson’s Creek. This time, she’s starring an indie film as an idyllic teacher who becomes a pistol packing badass in the movie Miss Meadows. 

The indie movie stars the former Mrs. Tom Cruise as a small town teacher who believes in high minded concepts like courage and kindness but when a bad element moves into town, she turns into a gun wielding vigilante who shoots first and asks questions later. It’s actually much deeper than the Dirty Harriet movie that we just described.

And since it’s an indie film, it can’t have guns blazing from the very first frame. Miss Meadows actually seems to have some slow pacing as the title character begins to deal with some kind of dark and sinister secret that forces her to become the gun toting, justice deliverer in the movie. We’re more concerned that this is the kind of the thing that happen to the women who marry the tornado of crazy that is Tom Cruise. Check out the trailer below…

It’s actually quite a brave move for Katie Holmes. She has never really played any kind of action hero in a movie and we’re all for Hollywood hotties get a chance to blow s#*$ up more in movies along with the big boys. It’s also an indie movie that’s bound to have a smaller audience but it looks like it’s a very gritty and real story, even though it’s been packaged in a sweet, small town type of character. It’s like someone mashed together Pleasantville with A History of Violence

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