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Jessica Alba’s 50 Sexiest GIFs


Jessica Alba GIFs

We’ve really been enjoying Jessica Alba working hard to push Sin City: A Dame to Kill For–ranging from her hot Entertainment Weekly cover to a sexy turn at Comic Con. We were also thinking that Jessica Alba was working really hard to be the face of the new Sin City movie–but that was before we saw the movie and learned that Jessica pretty much owns the end of the film.

The first Sin City had Jessica in a good story line, too, but she didn’t really get that much screen time among the multiple stories.¬†Sin City: A Dame to Kill For¬†makes better use of Jessica with an original story written directly for the movie. That’s as opposed to being yanked from Frank Miller’s graphic novels. Eva Green gets showcased as an original Sin City dame, and there are plenty of other hot Sin City girls, but Jessica gets to make a real show out of her turn from sweet stripper to avenging angel.

Guys need to be reminded that Jessica Alba is a real sex symbol, anyway–but some of us sure haven’t forgotten. We don’t need a sleazy setting to get us getting all animated over Alba, either. We’ve got lots of action from Jessica right here, with sexy animated GIFs of the sexy starlet in plenty of settings–including a trip to Sin City, but these GIFs will get you trippin’ in all kinds of ways…

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