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Starbucks Food Trucks: An Idea That’s Come To A Campus Near You



Food trucks are all the rage these days in the culinary world because the lingering smell of exhaust fumes improve food quality or something. Starbucks decided to jump on the bandwagon by offering its coffee to students on three college campuses as part of a test program starting with the fall semester.

Students at Arizona State University, James Madison University in Virginia and Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina are about to be invaded by the Starbucks trucks this fall. According to a Starbucks press release, the trucks will offer “a menu of drinks and food nearly identical to what customers would find in their neighborhood Starbucks stores.” So if you’ve got a hankering to buy a Nora Jones CD but you don’t feel like driving to the outskirts of town to the last remaining CD store, you’re in luck.

The hours and locations of the trucks will vary depending on the needs of each particular campus since it’s a pilot program that’s being tested to see if the company wants to expand their fleet of trucks to other schools. We could make a joke about how Starbucks already have enough locations but we’re actually in favor of this and not just because we’re addicted to coffee and wish our Starbucks had wheels and could drop off a cup the way paperboys used to deliver newspapers or milkmen used to deliver milk. Imagine seeing one of these while trying to drudge to your 8 a.m. class on European economics. You wouldn’t just give the barista a big tip. You’d jumpĀ behind the counter and give themĀ a huge hug.

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