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Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” Seems Kind Of Sexual [VIDEO]


We were hoping that Nicki Minaj would defy expectations and reveal that the video for the new song “Anaconda” was a rock opera version of the classic Jennifer Lopez movie–but instead, it just seems to be about hot babes with big butts working their bodies for the enjoyment of men. We think Jennifer Lopez would also consider that to be a proper tribute. Anyway, it’s really worth watching, and we’ll give Nicki credit for choosing really hot dancers who can steal a few scenes away from the star–while displaying what seem to be lesbian tendencies, in our expert opinion.

We’ll also note that Nicki keeps Drake to herself while giving her fellow musician a lap dance. That’s too bad. We had a few other dancers that we’d rather see in that scene. We were also hoping that Nicki was going to keep staying serious in the style of the “Pills N Potions” video, but we just don’t see her as a sex object. We’re too sensitive for that, although this “Anaconda” video makes a good case for just enjoying some bouncing busty babes and their bombastic butts…

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