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New Villain In “LEGO Batman 3” Trailer Is Serious WTF Moment [VIDEO]


LEGO Batman 3 Trailer

Yet another LEGO Batman game is coming to a console near you and this time, they’ve made an odd choice for a villain who has deserved to have some kind of representative in a video game or a movie.

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham takes the LEGO version of DC Comics’ superheroes out of the grungy city that they call home and pits them against one of Superman’s biggest villains Brainiac. The alien android has filled up on information and this time, he wants to start stealing entire worlds so it’s up to the heroes and even some of the villains to stop him so they’ll still have a planet to defend or steal depending on whether you’re playing as a hero or a villain. WB Games released a new trailer for the game that explains the story and shows some of the footage that the fans can expect when the game gets its release in the last quarter of 2014…

We’re happy to finally see Brainiac get some representation in a game or, well, anything. We’re just disappointed that the first thing he appears in is a friggin’ LEGO video game, a series that’s mostly for kids. Brainiac has always been one of Superman’s biggest and most exciting foes and for some reason, it’ has taken directors and video game developers forever to put him in something bigger than a video game or a cartoon. He was going to appear in Tim Burton’s Superman epic starring Nicolas Cage that the studio killed but ever since then, it seems that Hollywood has just ignored him. If we were Brainiac and we saw this trailer, we’d be more than a little insulted.

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