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Kristen Stewart Gets Comfortable With Interview Magazine [21 Pics]


We’ve really pretty much given up on Kristen Stewart ever really working hard as a sex symbol–with a few precious early shots quickly becoming replaced by a dour hipster look. But it seems that Kristen is getting a little more comfortable with surprising us with the occasional hot look. She’s certainly doing a fine job in these new pics for the German edition of Interview magazine, where the former Twilight star is pushing her new films Camp X-Ray and Clouds of Sil Maria. [photos via…]

Camp X-Ray is actually getting Kristen some talk as a possible Oscar nominee. We’re a little more excited about Clouds of Sil Mara, which is a tale of an aging actress dealing with her most classic role being handled to a younger gal. It’s getting great reviews. It’s also getting Interview to give us a shot of Kristen with her costar Juliette Binoche….

That kind of reminds us of why we never got too excited about that Twilight romance between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. We’ve met Robert Pattinson. We’re pretty sure that we would’ve still had a shot with Kristen–well, except for how Kristen’s most natural screen chemistry has been with Dakota Fanning in the rock biopic The Runaways. That might be a problem with our dream romance.

But we are not here to speculate on anybody’s private lives. We are here to celebrate these sexy Interview shots, and to say that we’re definitely interested in checking out even more amazing pics once this issue hits the stands here in NYC. Fortunately, we have a news dealer who hooks us up with this kind of thing. You’ll want to hunt down your own copy–and, until then, enjoy these other pics of Kristen being unusually sexy. Now we’re going to feel bad for ogling her in Camp X-Ray. That’s a serious drama, you know…

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