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Everybody Wins At Celebrity Breast Exam [PHOTOS]



It’s been awhile since we’ve played the game “Celebrity Breast Exam,” so let me refresh you on how this works. First you take a look at the thumbnails below, then try to correctly guess the celebrity breast, and then click the image to see if you’re right. There’s no time limit, but once you click the reveal you can’t guess again.

I only got seven, and considering that I consider myself a pseudo-professional in this field, that’s a pretty good benchmark you should set for yourself.


By this point you may be thinking to yourself, “I could have sworn that was Kate Upton, but Charlotte Mckinney? Really? I mean I’m not complaining, but I think I’ll take a mulligan.” That’s fine – now you’ll just have to live the rest of your life knowing you took that second guess. That being said, you still have eight more to go. Good luck.



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