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What, What… Underbutt [25 PHOTOS]



We’re always looking out for the latest trends here at COED, and we’re also always (discreetly) looking at women’s butts. Sometimes that all comes together in something like the emergence of the underbutt. We first noticed this trend back in January, and started looking very closely at how the underbutt was going to play out as more and more women began to rock the look.

It’s playing out really well. Things were kind of cold in January, so there were certain parts of the world that couldn’t really embrace Underbutt Fever–but now we’re seeing all kinds of gals rocking some embraceable underbutt. We’re very happy to report that hot pants are getting cut even shorter. That’s good for America, too. There’s a lot to applaud for the innovative spirit that possesses a girl to say, “You know, these hot pants are just too restricting! My body, my choice, and I choose to make my ass more free!”

Underbutt is about freedom. We can’t think of anything more beautiful–but maybe you can after you free up some time to check out a whole new selection of sexy underbutt pics. You’re going to be feeling some very warm summer vibes as you enjoy these ladies who’ve turned their hot pants into hotter pants. And summer isn’t even over yet…

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