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The Baddest Babes of The “Sin City” Movies [PHOTOS]


A lot of guys are ready to ride back in to Sin City this weekend with the release of Sin City: A Dame To Kill For–where director Robert Rodriguez once again adapts Frank Miller’s legendary comics about a town full of very bad girls. Fans of the graphic novels are very happy to see Eva Green playing one of Miller’s most fatal femme fatales, while other guys are amped up for the return of Jessica Alba from 2005’s original Sin City. Her character is back in an untold story of Sin, and we’re thinking that she looks ready to kick ass while looking…um, kickass.

The bad news is that–unlike the characters played by Mickey Rourke and Bruce Willis–we’re not getting Carla Gugino back from the dead. And, of course, the first film’s Brittany Murphy has passed away for real.

Other favorite Sin City citizens have been replaced. That was expected with Josh Brolin’s character, but there’s also Jamie Chung filling in for Devon Aoki as the deadly assassin Miho. So as we head into our second round of Sin City mayhem, let’s take a look at the beauties of both Sin City past and Sin City present–while hoping this turns into a trilogy….

Jessica Alba  ♥  Rosario Dawson  ♥  Jamie Chung

Jaime King  ♥  Juno Temple  ♥  Eva Green

Lady Gaga  ♥  Alexa PenaVega  ♥  Alexis Bledel

Carla Gugino  ♥  Brittany Murphy  ♥  Kea Ho

Marley Shelton  ♥  Devon Aoki  ♥  Texas Presley

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