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Nicole Steinwedell on “NCIS” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Nicole Steinwedell on NCIS

(8:00 PM EST, ABC)

We don’t forget things easily here at the See Her Tonight column, and that includes remembering that Nicole Steinwedell really wanted Marvel Studios to consider her for the role of Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy. That made sense, too. Nicole Steinwedell is a six-foot Amazon who packs in lots of beauty with that striking frame. We would’ve been really happy to see her in 3D. But we guess things still worked out with Zoe Saldana. That doesn’t mean we still haven’t been anticipating tonight’s rerun of NCIS that brings Nicole back to our living rooms. [photo via…]

Fans of tough gals are already familiar with Nicole Steinwedell, of course. We feel kind of bad that we didn’t think to include her in our recent dream cast of The Expendabelles. Nicole has played plenty of built babes who can cause some serious mayhem–although her work as a military operative in The Unit didn’t keep her from wearing the occasional slinky dress or slutty outfit. We were also really happy to see Nicole showing up in the female fight flick Raze, where she was plenty believable as the kind of gal that you’d like to kidnap into your own private catfight club.

Not that we would do any such thing. The point is that Nicole Steinwedell is ready to rumble–and we’ve pulled some of our favorite pics and film stills to prove why she’s welcome to rumble in our living rooms anytime…

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