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Kate Upton Does Ice Bucket Challenge, We Add The Bikini [VIDEO + GIFS]


Kate Upton Justin Verlander Ice Bucket Challenge

Well, yesterday was kind of interesting with all kinds of celebrities taking on the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise money for charity, but it kind of dull after a while–but then Kate Upton decided to participate, and we suddenly decided this was a pretty important moment in Western Civilization. Even if she did bring along that┬áJustin Verlander guy who keeps stalking her, and even if Kate Upton couldn’t follow Amy Schumer’s lead in stripping down for the occasion.

In fact, Kate is wearing so many clothes that we cannot confirm that she’s actually getting doused in ice water. This could possibly be lukewarm water. Hey, let’s examine the video a few dozen times…

Yeah, it’s hard to tell–but we can clearly hear that Kate Upton is challenging other people to take the Ice Bucket Challenge. One of them is makeup mogul Bobbi Brown, and the other two are actresses Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann. Gee, we can’t imagine why Kate Upton would want to drag Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann into this…except, yeah, they made that comedy earlier this year called The Other Woman.

Remember that one? It had Kate Upton in a bikini. She was in a bikini and running in slow motion down a beach. That presented a real challenge to us in the movie theater, and a bucket full of ice water would’ve been very helpful. Anyway, here are some GIFs from that movie (and plenty more) just to kind of make up for Kate getting all bundled up in that video–which was probably Justin Verlander’s idea….

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