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Xenia Deli: The Best Of Her Baring Her Bod For Body Central [PICS]


It’s been too long since we’ve had Xenia Deli showing off some lingerie for us–and you don’t really need to tell us that we’re actually looking at Xenia Deli actually showing off lingerie for the fine folks of the Body Central line. We still like to think that Xenia does this kind of thing for her adoring fans. It’s also another big opportunity for Xenia to get more fans, too.

Our biggest concern about this kind of thing is that we’re just entering a world where a fashion company can buy the rights to a fashion models’ head and/or body, and then just use the miracle of Photoshop to throw different outfits on a model like Xenia. That’s why we’ve spent a lot of time staring at these favorite shots to make sure that there haven’t been any shenanigans going on here.

Actually, we got kind of distracted, but we can at least promise that you won’t mind any shenanigans. Xenia looks great in all of these different outfits, and things sure looked different enough that we could narrow it down to some favorite poses. We think you’ll agree, although you can always see more at the Body Central site. And you might want to check out Xenia’s very sexy shoot for Lovecat magazine, or maybe just go for a total Xenia overdose of hot pics

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