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Top 20 Sexiest Instagram Photos of the Day: Monday, August 18th


“My Mondays are better than yours,” says Krista Ferguson (above), but we kind of guessed that already. For one thing, the beautiful blonde gets to wake up every morning as Krista Ferguson. We’d probably never get out of bed if that ever happened to us. Also, Krista sure has more beautiful friends than we do over here in the COED offices.

Fortunately, we also have an Instagram feed to keep us in touch with Krista, and that helps to get us through the day. She isn’t the only beautiful model making Monday meaningful, either. We have ladies in lingerie like Gloria Touch, and Nicolle Ziething twirling around in a dress, plus Lexi Atkins, who seems as if she couldn’t really be bothered with clothes today.

Ladies like Savannah Kreisman, Maya Donovan, and Lucinda Aragon have decided to doff their tops, too–which sure helps to make our Monday better. And those are just a few of the fine ladies who’ll be getting your week off to a stellar start…



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