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Jessica Lowndes Bounces Into Monday From The Gym [VIDEO + GIFS]


Jessica Lowndes Instagram Video h

We start every week wondering if Jessica Lowndes has hit the gym yet–and now she’s hitting us hard with one of her best exercise videos yet. Jessica wants us all to do some advance planking, and she’s even been kind enough to demonstrate how to work a physio ball/knee tuck.

We are not sure what “physio” means. We can tell you, however, that it feels like our plank is advancing¬†just by watching this amazing video. In fact, we’re getting a little concerned about our planks now that we have an UPDATE on this post with an amazing second video. Take a look at Jessica’s other (if not better) half right here, as she lifts her hip for a serious¬†Hamstring Curl…

And if you need more of Jessica in action, keep checking on her incredible Instagram account–or just scroll on down to some gym GIFs that’ll get you really pumped up..

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