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Jessica Alba Threw A Fine First Pitch For The Dodgers [VIDEO + GIFS]


We were going to make another joke at 50 Cents’ expense, but the truth is that Jessica Alba looks better than pretty much anyone while throwing out a first pitch. We can still get away with being honest in every meaning while saying that we’re very impressed by her fine form. [photos: Harry How/Getty]


Take a look for yourself, as Jessica Alba winds up while also helping to promote the upcoming Sin City 2–which has already become our favorite film of the summer, thanks to Jessica’s daring work promoting the movie.

Anyway, enjoy Jessica winding up in all of her glory, with the video (courtesy of her own Instagram account) catching all of the camera angles that we would’ve wanted. And notice that the ball almost makes it all the way to the catcher, too. We might have gotten that close, too. And if you need to get closer to Jessica’s sexiest moves, we’ve added some GIFs below the video…

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