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Ice Bucket Challenge: Charlie Sheen & Amy Schumer Go Freestyle [VIDEO]


charlie sheen

No celebrity is immune to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Charlie Sheen finally submitted his entry into the meme in a way that only Charlie Sheen would do it.

The video posted by TMZ features the man with the golden ego standing in his home poised to ruin his outfit and possibly a living room carpet that cost more than your student loan. He’s holding a pot and explains how he’s been called out to do the challenge by the Vancouver Canucks’ goalie Ryan Miller and just after he flings the bucket over his head, it’s not ice water that comes out but something you’d expect someone like Charlie Sheen to put in his “ice water” bucket. Maybe we’re being a little harsh on the guy because it’s actually a very sweet and generous gesture on his part, even if he refuses to participate in what the rest of the world is doing as they raise money for ALS research. Check out the Rock Star from Mars’ ALS Ice Bucket Challenge entry below in the embedded video…

The whole thing is just pure Charlie Sheen from his the little spin he puts on it to the challenge he issues himself at the very end. This video couldn’t get more Charlie Sheen if Charlie Sheen cloned himself and inserted more Charlie Sheen into the video so they could all match the original Charlie Sheen’s challenge with their own “Ice Bucket” entry. Oh Charlie, never stop being you. You egomaniacal, self-absorbed you.

Meanwhile, Amy Schumer strips down for a Clam Chowder dousing. We’re not sure how that got confused, but we know some Amy fanatics who are really happy just to see her in her underwear…

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