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First “Saved By The Bell” Trailer Reveals Lifetime Has No CGI Budget [VIDEO]


Saved By The Bell Trailer

The executives at the Lifetime network are really hoping that The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story will be their own Sharknado over the Labor Day Weekend–and we know that  a lot of people of a certain age are looking forward to a trashy take on the backstage antics of the show that gave us the amazing Tiffani-Amber Thiessen as Kelly Kapowski. We’ve sure looked back at that. It doesn’t seem that Lifetime has spent a lot of money on the movie, though.

Check out the trailer here to decide how you feel about the casting of assorted Saved By The Bell cast members–but get ready to enjoy a laugh when they try to do a jarring transition where there’s a freeze frame as a character breaks the fourth wall. There’s no budget for CGI. A bunch of young extras are just asked to stand very still while one of the actors addresses the camera. It looks more like a parody of a cheap TV-movie. Or maybe it’s just another part of the kitsch factor, and it’s just plain unsophisticated of us to even point out the idiocy…

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