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Pop Some Tags On These Crazy Finds For Thrift Shop Day [GALLERY]


Thrift Shop

Thrift stores didn’t just get discovered by certain people. Some hipsters and plenty of regular folks have grown up eagerly digging through thrift shops for all kind of stuff. That’s why there’s been years of August 17th being Thrift Shop Day. But, yeah, this year’s Thrift Shop Day has an official anthem…

Every year on August 17, thrift stores celebrate with special discounts and offers, and people take to the internet to share their best thrifting finds. This is, after all, the 21st Century, and we all know you can’t go more than five minutes without sharing intimate details of your life with the world.

And to celebrate Thrift Shop Day, we’re celebrating the pastime of looking for the weirdest, creepiest, strangest, funniest finds possible. The best news of all is that you never have the pay more than ten bucks for anything. You sure wouldn’t want to, as you’ll likely agree after checking out some of these great thrift shop finds…

[h/t Distractify & Huffington Post]

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