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Nina Agdal Checked Out These Butts At The Encore Beach Club [PHOTOS]


We pretty much spend every weekend wishing we were at the Encore Beach Club at Wynn Las Vegas–but we really like knowing that veteran bikini model Nina Agdal started her weekend judging the final round of the Luli Fama Modeling Competition there. As you can see, Nina had some tough choice to make while overseeing the incredible local talent who turned out for the chance to show off some quality swimwear[photos via…]

You’ll see the winners right here in the pics below, but we’re pretty sure that guys are the real winners here. Luli Fama gave out over 100 bikinis as part of this summer-long competition. Of course, we’re sorry to see it coem to an end, but we’re happy to see these gals end the contest in style. And, of course, we have more pics of Nina stylin’ in bikinis–but first, check her out amongst some awesome amateurs…

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