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Grasie Mercedes on “Masters of Sex” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Grasie Mercedes on Masters of Sex

(10:00 PM EST, Showtime)

We’ll admit that your See Her Tonight column is mostly excited about how tonight’s Masters of Sex is going to have big developments  in the vintage lesbian love story between Annaleigh Ashford and her costar Sarah Silverman–but we’re also excited about Grasie Mercedes showing up in a nurse uniform. [photo via…]

We’re not sure just how much she’ll be participating in the pioneering 1950s sexual research going on at the new hospital where Dr. Masters is doing his research. We just know that a nurse like Grace Mercedes would inspire us to do some research on our own. This isn’t Grasie’s first time in a nurse’s uniform, either. She’s played a lot of different types during her acting career–starting back to when we first noticed her in a 2010 episode of NCIS. Then we got to see her on the big screen in Bad Grandpa last year. By then, though, we’d already grown to appreciate Grasie in her great role as herself with her Style Me Grasie website.

That’s where you can see Grasie showing off all kinds of hot outfits, in addition to her work helping more models looking amazing.. We know that Grasie has some real screen presence, but we won’t be too upset if she ever settles for a full time job on the fashion front. For now, though, we’re gladly tuning her in tonight–and these stylin’ pics will give you an idea about why….

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