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The Top 40 Sexiest Instagram Pics of the Week [August 11th – 15th]


Well, it was sure easy to come up with a Hot 40 favorite pics from this past week of intimate Instagram photos–and these models sure helped us coast through the work week, too. Babes like Bryana Holly (above) really got us flying through to Friday. It wasn’t all just bikini babes, either. It’s true that we wasted a lot of time with ladies like Jennacait Muschara, Brie Marie, April Summers, and Ana Cheri, but there were also bathing beauties like Brittany Nichole Lucas who wore a one-piece.

There were also gals like Hattie Watson and Kayslee Collins who hit the beach in outfits that we’re pretty sure are actually lingerie, but we don’t want to be judgmental. We’re just busy judging them as sexy gals who made this past week very special–along with other lingerie-loving beauties, plus all kinds of other daring Instagram girls. Check them out and see why you should check on COED every afternoon (4:30 EST) to see which gals are getting us going during the week….

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