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The Ramones: 40th Anniversary of Four Dead Guys’ First Concert [VIDEO]



When Tommy Ramone died last month, the real tragedy wasn’t that sites like AOL posted a picture of his replacement Marky in their obituaries. Tommy should have at least been the last Ramone to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Ramones’ historic first show at CBGBs. That humble billing on August 15th, 1974 would be the first of 74 live shows at the legendary Manhattan venue.

It had been five months since their first live performance together at Performance Studios, but it was the Ramones’ CBGB shows that shaped them into the punk icons they are to this day. This was a group of guys that didn’t look like anyone else, didn’t sound like anyone else, and certainly didn’t play by any rules other than play it fast and don’t wear out your welcome. They also straddled the line between legitimately talented musicians and punk rockers better than most of the bands that came after them. There’s no denying how talented they were, regardless of whether or not they were your thing.

The video below is from a show they played on September 15, 1974– a full month after their CBGB debut, but it gives those of us who couldn’t be there an idea of the greatness to come. And, seriously, that’s Tommy right there in the background. Marky was always the guy who looked like he was wearing a wig…

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