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Madonna Then & Now As The Material Girl Turns 56 [PICS]


The concert sales prove that Madonna is as popular, relevant, and sexy as she ever was–and the fact that the pop diva is still making it happen after more than 30 years in the music industry is proof that she’s one of a kind. In fact, now we feel bad for making a big deal out of Jennifer Lopez.

It’s borderline impossible to believe that she’s turning 56 today. It seems like just yesterday she was writhing around on the stage at the VMAs singing “Like a Virgin,” or Voguing in that conical bra, or worse yet, dripping candle wax on Willem Dafoe in Body of Evidence. Yikes! Nevertheless, the Material Girl blazed a trail for hyper-sexualized females in the music industry and went from pop’s bad girl to an American institution in a little over a decade.

Though she’s probably better known now for her failed marriage to Guy Ritchie, her fake English accent, a voguish Kabbalah obsession, adopting third world orphans, and any of the other countless non-music related endeavors she’s been involved with over the past fifteen or so years, there’s no doubt she’s still the standard bearer for female pop musicians. Everyone else is just trying to catch up, and with her chameleonic ability to completely reinvent herself every few years, it’s likely they always will.

Now check out these pics that go from vintage pop Madonna to more modern incarnations. She’s stayed sexier than you might think–and sure seems to have mastered the selfie…

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