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Show Your School Pride On Your Feet with These Nike Themed Sneakers


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Nike will release a new line of collegiate themed sneakers to go with the rest of your school pride outfit.

USA Today reported that Nike will release the new line of shoes on Aug. 27 and features eight of the school shoes for the University of Texas, USC, Oregon, Florida State, Alabama, Grambling, Ohio State and OU. The shoes will be sold through and several big box retailers including Champ’s, Academy and Dick’s Sporting Goods. The shoes sport the team’s traditional home jersey colors and the school’s logo on the tongue. Nike will also provide shoes to players of each school for the start of the new collegiate football season. The new shoes are from Nike’s Lunar TRI “Week Zero” collection and will only feature the eight schools. They’ve been in development for the last two years to work around the licensing and merchandising rights to get the shoes on the shelves.

So basically you’ve got every part of your body covered when you want to show your school spirit on game day. Each of these universities must sell a ton of school themed apparel. And we mean EVERY part of your body. Don’t believe us? They even sell underwear to help you show your school spirit in case you’re one of those flashers or something. You can probably even buy a UT themed overcoat to flash people with now just to complete the look and give police a more accurate description. We’d rather not imagine where the clothing manufacturers plan to go from here.

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