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Jennifer Lawrence Turns 24: We Look Back At Her Hot 2014 [35 PICS]


It’s not easy to think of anyone who’s having a better 24th birthday than Jennifer Lawrence–although her fans are sure having a good time, too. Especially her guy fans who’ve really enjoyed seeing Jennifer showing off lots of sophisticated looks this year. It’s been a big 2014 for Jennifer, with her third Academy Award nomination for American Hustle, along with her gambling on playing Mystique in a summer X-Men movie that, fortunately, got plenty of acclaim.  [photo via…]

Now she’s about to take over the box office with a new Hunger Games entry–and she’s been taking over the fashion world with smart shoots that have also shown off plenty of sideboob. We’ve enjoyed her daring looks for Dior and a topless turn for Marie Claire, and now we’re celebrating Jennifer’s birthday with a look back  at her other hottest styles. It’s been a great year for Jennifer being very womanly. Celebrate along with us.

And, yeah, there are a few shots here from other years, but we have some favorites. We recommend more of Jennifer’s sexiest sideboob shots, and maybe even some amazingly hot GIFs

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