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Houston Texans Cheerleaders Return With Free Style Friday [VIDEO]


Houston Cheerleaders Freestyle Fridays

We’re heading into football season–and you’ll want to start celebrating over the Houston Texans Cheerleaders starting up their Free Style Fridays tradition. That’s the amazing video series where the beautiful NFL dancers show off their movies while working through a classic Soul Train-style dance line.

And it’s our expert analysis that the Houston Texans are fielding a very impressive team this year–but we understand if you don’t want to take our word for that, so check out this footage yourself. It seems that the Houston Texans Cheerleading team really enjoy shopping at the Palais Royale chain, too. We wish that we had one of those stores near us. We’d be impressing our girlfriends by suggesting a day out shopping this weekend…

Hey, did you catch Casey in that? She was the squad’s representative in this year’s Pro Bowl, and she’s still representing in style. Keep in touch with the┬áHouston Texans via Twitter–and here’s Casey in the solo spotlight, if you’re done watching that video for the 10th time…

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