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Emily Ratajkowski Wants To Tease You For Yamamay Lingerie [PICS]


The countdown is over, and the fine folks at Yamamay lingerie are unveiling their hot pics of Emily Ratajkowski dolled up in their finest underwear. We won’t argue with the smart marketing, as the Yamamay empire kept us yammering with their slow countdown to the release of these amazing pics–and we’re thinking that the shots are definitely worth the wait.

It was good timing, too, since this coincides with Emily starting out to promote her turn in the upcoming Gone Girl, which looks set to be a very big deal in the movie theaters. Emily herself posted a hot pic of herself as a beautiful babysitter a few weeks ago–and it was just yesterday that we got excited over some new pics and video of Emily from Vanity Fair.

There’s also some Emily video at the Yamamay website, and you might also want to keep an eye on their Facebook page for any new Emily Ratajkowski shots. For now, though, let’s concentrate on this tribute to how good Yamamay can make a gal look…

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