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Demi Lovato on “The Tonight Show” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Demi Lovato on The Tonight Show

(11:30 PM EST, NBC)

It’s been easy for your See Her Tonight column to ignore the talk shows this week, since a lot of them have been on vacation–which only left Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Fallon to address the death of Robin Williams, among other things. The happy news is that The Tonight Show has Friday all to itself to bring on the babes–in this case, that being Demi Lovato, who’s running around as part of her international tour during a very busy year.

Actually, we can’t keep track of whether or not Demi will be around for more lesbian love scenes in Glee, and we’ve mostly paid attention to her because we really like her taste in (alleged) real-life lesbian lovers. We’re still liking how Demi has been rocking some very hot looks this year, and we’ll be tuning in to see what she’s wearing tonight. Here’s an updated gallery to give you an idea of what Demi’s been stylin’ with lately–and if you’re more of a Team Naya Rivera type, we have sexy shots of her covered (and uncovered), too….

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Amazing “See Her Tonight” Gals!

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