Jen Selter's Butt Gets the GIF Treatment [25 GIFs]

Jenn Selter selfie on Instagram

Instagram/Jenn Selter

What what is better than seeing Jen Selter’s butt? Well, it would’ve been nice if we’d seen her butt turn 21 years old (along with the rest of her) back on August 8th. We would have liked to have bought Jen’s butt a drink (along with the rest of her). Not that we’re out to objectify Jen Selter’s amazing bod. She’s already done a great job of doing that herself, while also proving herself to be a marketing genius.
In fact, Jen Selter has become a major media star by showcasing her most awesome asset via her Instagram account. The fitness model from Long Island has gone international since guys caught on to her beautiful build. She’s gone from magazines like Elle and Muscle & Fitness to pop-culture publications including Vanity Fair and Maxim. The fine folks at AskMen even ranked her at #82 in their Most Desirable Women of 2014.
That number really seems kind of low to us. It’s kind of scary to think that there are 81 other bodies that ranked as more beautiful than Jen Selter. We think you’ll agree after seeing these amazing Jen Selter GIFs—which reminds us that, yeah, we asked what was better than seeing Jen Selter’s butt. The answer is watching Jen Selter’s butt move in mesmerizing ways. Take a look for yourself, but you might want to first clear a few hours off your schedule (and then maybe check out some hot Jen pics)…

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