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Emily Ratajkowski Spying In Lingerie For Vanity Fair [PICS + VIDEO]


That pic above is from Vanity Fair‘s recent fine profile of model/actress Emily Ratajkowski–and now the magazine is making the interview even more magical with some amazing video that seems to be all about Emily Ratajkowski, Spy Girl. We like that a lot. As you’re about to see, the video has Emily peering through a telescope, and doing some filming with a vintage ’60s camera, and we’re pretty sure that’s a gun she’s carrying, or maybe she’s just happy to see us.

Wait, that didn’t sound right. We’re a little distracted, since the video also features Emily looking like this…

It’s a really cool video, too, if only because it’s nice to see Emily doing some spying. We’re usually the types peering through telescopes and movie cameras when Emily is around. We don’t look nearly as good as Emily does while doing it, though….

Anyway, enjoy the video, and be sure to check out the interview in Vanity Fair–where the “Blurred Lines” beauty reveals that she’s happy to be in the new Gone Girl from acclaimed director David Fincher, but also notes that she used to turn down roles as a teen, since she only got offered roles for “mean girls or the cheerleader.” We wouldn’t have minded seeing young Emily as a cheerleader, but we’re happy to study this black-and-white study right here…

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