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Cindy Luna on “Gang Related” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Cindy Luna on Gang Related

(9:00 PM EST, FOX)

Your See Her Tonight column is sorry to see Gang Related wrapping up its summer run–partly because it turned out to be a pretty intriguing show, but also because the show’s kept us intrigued with lots of hot babes. For one thing, Gang Related has a gang of regulars like Inbar Levi and Shantel VanSanten, and then the show adds lots of pleasant surprises with glamorous guests like Erica Ocampo.

And now Gang Related wraps things up with another stealthy babe, as Cindy Luna stops by as part of her master plan to dominate American television. That’s after a busy career where the bikini model has moved on to guesting on Spanish-language shows like Desaparecidos and low-budget action fare like Scapegoat–which is where Cindy Luna first caught our eye, because we watch movies like that.

Then she snuck up on us back in February on an episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, and we decided to be sure that we could get the word our about her next appearance. Which is tonight. In our living rooms, but we’re pretty sure that she’s showing up in your living room, too. Here’s why you should check that out….

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