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Aubrey O’Day Went To The Pool Today [PICS]


Aubrey O’Day may be 30 years old now, but she still isn’t shy about sharing hot pics of her hot bod enjoying a hot day. As you can see, she’s sure got a good case for carrying on via her Instagram account. And don’t go thinking that this is just Aubrey O’Day showing off her good side. The really important thing, though, is that Aubrey isn’t just moping around the house while her former bandmates in Danity Kane start screwing up their reunion.

The official big rumor is that Danity Kane’s big reunion just fell apart over the lovely Dawn Richard punching Aubrey in the back of the head. We’re absolutely outraged that the members of Danity Kane would have any kind of a catfight without first selling tickets. That would be a much bigger draw than if they actually recorded any new music.

Anyway, the bad news is that Danity Kane aren’t back together, but the great news is that Aubrey O’Day is back on permanent holiday. We think it might be time for her to put all this pop-star behavior behind her, and maybe pursue something like bikini modeling or tanning competitions. Check out these other vacation pics to see how great Aubrey looks doing that kind of thing…

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