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UConn Is Suspending Everyone For Weird Hazing


Uconn Hazing

Once again, UConn is in the dog house (literally — their hazing involved dog treats) when it comes to Greek life. On Tuesday they banned three Greek orgs for hazing practices that had fraternity guys bobbing for airplane liquor bottles in the toilet and being forced to wear women’s underwear… and here I thought Connecticut was classy.

The university is banning fraternity Sigma Chi and sororities Delta Gamma and Delta Zeta for their involvement in the hazing. Sigma Chi was banned for three years, Delta Zeta for two, and Delta Gamma for one. Earlier this year, UConn banned Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Kappa Kappa Gamma for hazing (just for drinking, which definitely isn’t as weird as being forced to eat puppy chow in the nude). They may appeal, but it’s unclear if the university will let them back on campus. They could always go underground, and have private parties. Hey, they could even start an underground fight club, like Phi Delta Theta at Emory did. Honestly, it seems like their version of collegiate partying is too weird for the real world, anyway. Members of Delta Gamma forced Sigma Chi members to be paddled, made them eat cat food, and then they covered them in syrup and flour while they were naked, which sounds like a porno gone wrong (or right, depending on what you’re in to).

Apparently Delta Zeta was getting jealous that they were missing out on all of the action in the hazement, because a week later they forced some fraternity men (hopefully different ones) to wear women’s panties (the dudes were naked and covered in body paint) while they ate dog treats. They also made the boys take body shots… but before you get too excited, it was off of each other. If you’re debating joining a fraternity this fall, rest assured. Most hazing isn’t like this at all– because it could be much, much worse… but hey, you’ll never know until you try.

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