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The Epic Meal Time Crew Built a Big, Calorie Laden Oreo Cookie [VIDEO]


epic meal time oreo When the people at Epic Meal Time announce that they are making an Oreo cookie, you should expect something, well, epic and they delivered with a single, massive Oreo. This time, the boys brought us something called the “Mega Oreo,” which is exactly what it sounds like and they scored bonus points for using actual Oreos in their recipe. They also made everything from scratch if you could store bought cake mix and Oreos “from scratch” and considering the Epic Meal Time crew’s love of processed foods, we say it counts. They created two chocolate cookie layers out of cake mix and crumbled up Oreo cookies. Then they made two icing layers, crumbled up more Oreos in the mix and threw them in the fridge so they wouldn’t have a runny, sticky mess when they sandwich all the layers together. Bacon is a major staple of the Epic Meal Time boys’ diet and unfortunately, this is a bacon-less episode but just imagine that their stomachs are filled with the greasy meat strips from heaven before they started eating their massive Oreo cookie. Wait, on second thought, don’t. The boys’ combined cooking effort produced a cookie that contains over 146,000 calories and over 8,000 grams of fat making it one of their most epic achievements in the fat-laden arts. Check out this massive dessert treat for yourself in the video below… All they need now is an equally massive glass of milk to dunk it in and hopefully that will be next week’s food project.

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