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Take a Peak Into Kyrat in This “Far Cry 4” Trailer [VIDEO]


fry cry 4

The upcoming first person shooter Far Cry 4 aims to take players to a place filled with lush environments and harsh conditions and Ubisoft offered the first glimpse of this new world in the latest trailer.

This time, players must traverse three different types of locations in one game. The first is a war torn village landscape called Kryat that allows you to shoot, stab and explode anything that moves into your field of vision. Then you must traverse the treacherous Himalayan mountains where base camps are filled with deadly soldiers and the environment can be just as treacherous as you use your wind suit to glide away from dangerous avalanches and cliff falls.

Finally, they saved the best for last with a weird world called Shangri-La, a spiritual world where the laws of physics don’t seem to apply to the typical combat rules and you get to partner up with a freaking tiger. How sweet is that? It’s like getting three games in one and one of them looks like some of drug trip mixed with a first person shooter! Take a look for yourself in the trailer embedded below…

Ubisoft really has gone out of their way to make the real world terrains and environments look, well, real. It’s got depth and detail. It almost feels like you’re looking at the real thing in some of the scenes. In fact, we caught ourselves a couple of times forgetting that we were looking at footage from a video game.

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