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Security Camera Shows Michigan WR Cold Cocking Guy Outside Bar [VIDEO]


Csonte York

Michigan Wolverines Wide Receiver C’sonte York is probably in a big pile of sh*t for this sucker punch he landed on a 23-year-old, breaking his jaw in three places and knocking out a tooth. Police released security camera footage of the “incident” yesterday, and it’s pretty d*mning. Watch below.

Yeah, that’s a knockout alright–and from the looks of it, the guy had zero idea it was coming.

Here’s York’s side of the story yesterday (before the footage was released).

“A group of dudes walked by and bumped me,” he told police. “He was (so) close to me that he elbowed me as he walked by.” Jones told police that as the victim leaned in, which is visible in the video, he said, “You think you’re really tough; you guys are some (expletive).” (source)

Everything York says is pretty much proven on camera, except the elbow. The two drunk guys walk by, the taller kid gets in his face and says something. But don’t you think it matters what the “expletive” was? Like if the tall white guy drops an “N bomb,” he might have had it coming.

The bad news is that the video also shows C’sonte lining him up and scanning the crowd for police presence before he unleashes a haymaker.

Also, serious props to the shorter white boy for running away from his friend in need after tripping and realizing he might be in trouble with the police. That’s how you know who your real boys are.

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