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Muppets Vs. Beasties Boys Versus Muppets Vs. Vanilla Ice [VIDEOS]


muppet mashup

The Beastie Boys and the Muppets never got a chance to work together and it’s a shame because both are really pioneers in their respective fields and they would actually pair quite well together. A mashup artist tried to correct that crime against artistic nature.

He took the sounds of The Beastie Boys’ So What’cha Want and crammed them in with some footage of Animal, Beaker and the Swedish Chef from the old Muppet Show to make it look like the Boys’ rhymes are flying out of the mouths of the Muppets. We know that mashup videos are a dime a dozen these days thanks to YouTube’s access and free video editing software that practically come on every computer these days but this one’s special. The words and mouth movements pair up pretty well and it actually makes you believe for a second that the Muppets are doing a Beastie Boys song as if they are trying to lip sync the lyrics. It makes mashup videos look like some kind of delicate, artful form of editing. Check it out below in the embedded video, yo…

This got us poking around the Internet (our excuse is we get paid to goof off on the Internet, what’s yours?) and we came across another Muppet mashup that we thought was worth mentioning. This one doesn’t try to make it appear as though the Muppets are rapping or singing to the song. It crams together the beats of songs from artists like Madonna and Vanilla Ice and somehow makes it work with The Muppet Show’s super goofy theme song. Just like the video above, it almost sounds like they were meant to be paired together…

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