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Miss Anthropy Just Became Our Favorite Burlesque Babe [PICS]


We’re looking forward to Dita Von Teese’s residency in Manhattan next month, but now we’re thinking that we should invest our ticket money in a trip to Auckland, New Zealand instead–since that’s the homeland of the amazing Miss Anthropy, who was born unto this world as Hannah Tasker-Poland, but we’ll call her anything that she wants. By any name, Miss Anthropy is easily one of the wildest burlesque gals we’ve ever seen. [photos via…]

And her reputation is about to get a lot wilder thanks to her participation in the very NSFW video for the new song from the rocking men of Cairo Knife Fight. This clip for “Rezlord” is naughty enough that we’re not even going to embed the video, because we’d feel bad if you accidentally hit the play button and got fired from a real job. We hear that real jobs are really cool. If you have a fake job like being a COED staffer, though, then click on through–but we’re warning you, the sweet gal above is acting a lot more like this…

As you can see, Miss Anthropy (or Hannah Tasker-Poland) can be a real chameleon. You can also see why we’re saying that we’ll call her by whatever name she prefers. Miss Anthropy can be pretty damn scary. Fortunately, that’s usually part of being a mix of scary and sexy.

As you’re about to see, Miss Anthropy can really cover a lot of ground. These pics below cover her being a tough gal worthy of joining our Expendabelles dream team, but also includes some other amazing looks. Hannah seems to enjoy a mix of burlesque and cosplay that’s a lot more ambitious than we get with a lot of tired acts. It takes a lot more than Clairol Midnight Black hair dye to be a vintage vixen, folks–and you’ll agree after checking out Miss Anthropy’s awesome pics…

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