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Kasia Smutniak Turns 35 As An International Sensation [PICS]


It’s a great week for Poland, as the proud country gets to remind us that the place is packed with precious gals–like yesterday’s birthday girl Natalia Siwiec, and now movie star Kasia Smutniak turning 35 years old. We wish that she was turning 35 years old as a slightly more international movie star, though. [photo via…]

Specifically, Kasia Smutniak needs to break through bigger in America. The closest that we’ve gotten to ogling this beauty on the big screen has been in the 2010 actioner From Paris With Love, and that John Travolta bomb didn’t do much for anyone’s career.

Kasia, however, didn’t let that slow her down from taking over France and Italy and other enlightened places as a leading sex symbol. Check out these pics to see why we want Hollywood to get busy inspiring more smutty thoughts over Smutniak–if only because American writers are probably clever enough to combine “smutty” with “Smutniak.” That’s pretty good, right?

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