Hovel Stay.com Will Hook Students Up With A Half-Finished Tree House

Attention, college students! You no longer have to settle for staying in some tacky motel the next time you’re traveling. Instead, you can check in with HovelStay.com, and get hooked up with some of the best and worst deals in the area. And we’re not sure which is which, because there have been plenty of times that we’ve gotten really messed up in Los Angeles and just wanted to pass out while staring up at the sky.
Well, HovelStay.com has a place for people who need that experience. The site is all about allowing “the traveling student to find simple, sometimes unconventional, yet often affordable lodging.” That includes a nifty Half-Completed Tree House “in the celebrity enclave of Los Feliz.” It looks like this…

That’s a pretty good deal for $19 a night. Especially if it doesn’t rain, since the place doesn’t have a roof. Also, according to the site, the treehouse is just a block away from “a Valerio Service station==in the event you need a bathroom==directly across from the Rite Aid, in the event you need toilet paper first.”
But not everything at HovelStay.com is that bad (or good). We really like the funny little domed hut that’s in Murietta, South Carolina. You can stay there for $75 a night, which is more than you’d pay at the local Motel 6–but you’ll feel like a hobbit, so that’s worth the money…

Actually, most of the places at HovelStay cost more than a lot of motel chains. That’s actually reassuring. Otherwise, we’d think this was some kind of hoax that we were falling for just because we like the idea of living like a hobo or a hobbit. We’re pretty sure that HovelStay is for real, though. They have a website and everything, so they’re at least as legit as COED.

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