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Girls Gone Too Wild Wednesday: Instagram Edition [38 PHOTOS]



Damn, girls–why must you be going so wild all the time? It’s like every Wednesday comes along, and we have a whole new gallery of ladies who are acting all crazy and sexy and sometimes even sexycrazy. Just check out these grown women doing things like showing off their legs, or sticking out their tongues in ways that kind of seem sexually suggestive.

And it’s all getting caught on Instagram, too. There’s some living out loud right there. Don’t these gals know that Instagram is open to the public every hour of the day? It’s like White Castle or Krystals. These gals still don’t care. We even have one poor woman who’s been drunkshamed by fellow women. What has happened to the Sisterhood?

Well, we can only assume that the Sisterhood is now¬†full of sisters who have, in fact, gone wild. And just in time for Girls Gone Too Wild Wednesday. Guess it’s a real tradition now…

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