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Stuff The Intern Forgot: Taco Bell’s New ‘Fast-Casual’ Store [Links]



Taco Bell’s New ‘Fast Casual’ Store Is For Sophisticated Clientele

Taco Bell’s new high-end ‘fast casual’ store is designed to appeal to a more sophisticated clientele. According to our friends over at Newser, the restaurant is called ‘US Taco Co.” and its cheeky menu includes the “Wanna Get Lei’d” taco with grilled mahi-mahi and Polynesian sauce, the $10 “1%er” flatbread taco stuffed with lobster, and the “Shut Your Pie Hole” strawberry shake. One of US Taco’s co-founders tells the LA Times “It’s playful [and] different.”

Taco Bell seems to be following the declining pull of fast-food eateries and the ascent of “fast-casual” restaurants such as Chipotle and KFC Eleven, which offer their customers healthier choices in a fast-food setting.

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