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Ex-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is the LA Clippers’ New Owner [VIDEO]


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The Los Angeles Clippers are officially under new management now that former Microsoft CEO and noted wild man Steve Ballmer officially owns the team. [image credit: Stephen Brashear/Getty Images News]

Ballmer scooped up the team from ousted owner Donald Sterling who the NBA banned for life after he was caught making racist comments on a recording. That led to a lengthy court battle with Donald’s estranged wife Shelly over the legal owners of the team in Donald’s absence. Apparently, Shelly lost that case because Ballmer was able to buy the team for the rock bottom price of $2 billion. That’s the NBA equivalent of being in the DVD dollar discount bin in Wal-Mart’s electronics section.

Just kidding, that sale makes the Clippers are now officially the most expensive team in the NBA. [Based on real life value (i.e. not projected) because someone paid real money for it.]

Ballmer earned his billions working with his good buddy Bill Gates and building the company now known as Microsoft. He became the company’s first business manager and raked in most of his cash from the stock options he received in exchange for a smaller salary. He became the CEO of the company in 2000 following Gates’ retirement from the position while he stayed on as chairman of the board. Ballmer quickly earned a reputation for being an over-the-top wild guy who could generate massive about his company.

He became pure Internet gold when a video of the pudgy software executive surfaced from a Microsoft conference where he could be seen loudly bouncing around the stage like a pinball before declaring his love and the regret that he had but one life to give for his company. That’s really the kind of guy the LA Clippers need right now. They need a tireless, rich cheerleader who isn’t afraid to make an ass of himself for his business (but not to the Donald Sterling level of “assitude,” of course) to build up their spirits once again. Besides, the last hilarious video of Ballmer in action is starting to get a little old…

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