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Cara Delevingne Turns 22 Years Old After One Hell Of A 21st [40 PICS]


Cara Delevingne is turning 22 years old today–that being August 12, 2014–and we’re really hoping that she had an all-girl birthday party. We’ve certainly had plenty of all-girl thoughts about the Victoria’s Secret model. But, seriously, our newfound love for Cara Delevingne  isn’t all about that lesbian thing. We certainly don’t mind that she started this year with her girlfriend Michelle Rodriguez, or that there have been plenty of rumors about Cara being exceptionally close friends with Suki Waterhouse or even Selena Gomez. But this has also been a big year for Cara as a presence before the cameras, as she’s gone from being a wispy waif to showing off a range of womanly personas. [photo via…]

We think the lesbianism might be helping there. Cara should definitely do more of it. Especially if she can then inspire a gal like Michelle Rodriguez to try guys after the lesbian breakup. Although, in the case of Cara’s ex, we’re talking about a gal who went on to Zac Efron. Something tells us they were introduced by a Hollywood publicist.

Anyway, we’re very happy to be celebrating Cara’s birthday with her–in spirit, at least. All of these pics are just from the past six months, and range from stunning fashion shoots (like for Telegraph magazine) to intimate Instagram moments with other girls. Yeah. Let’s keep hoping that Cara keeps this kind of momentum going. And it’s also cool if Cara ever wants to introduce us to any of her other ex-girlfriends, because we’re seriously totally cool about stuff like that…

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